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To be auctioned, including letter typed on Titanic headed paper, a ring removed from a body that was buried at sea, Captain Rostron’s silver cup and a postcard from Jack Phillips.
Fantastic items. I wish I could have them all!


A few of Titanic’s links with Liverpool


Conspiracy theories

A lot of people are going to great lengths to convince people that Olympic sank and not Titanic. What do you think of these? One clearly says Titanic but is painted white.  What do I think? Well I will post more photos showing the original white ship picture which is the Olympic (minus the photoshop)




The WSL offices Liverpool, soon to become a hotel.



Here is Truk Lagoon as it was known, Japanese army base attacked by the Americans in the wake of the pearl harbour attack. Some fantastic images on the website. I want to do a dive here.


I watched a film on YouTube a couple of days ago that was talking about the swap story, that Titanic and her sister ship Olympic were switched. I think I have proved that this is not true on my Facebook author page: ‘Titanic: A Man-Made Disaster’  stop by and see what you think?!  

I have got to admit that some of the points sounded quite plausible, so it got me thinking. Yes Olympic was terribly damaged almost uninsurable, with a permanent list to port meaning her back was likely broken. There is also how Titanic seemed to grow extra portholes or how her lettering moved on her bow.



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